Friday, August 18, 2017

Tham Loke Kheng is new CEO of MediaCorp. She replaces Shawn Seow who is joining Temasek Holdings.
Loke Kheng is not new to MediaCorp.She
joined the Company in 1988 and rose through the ranks in the Programming Division. She left and joined StarHub.Later on she took up appointments in Taiwan,Hongkong and other Pay Operators in the region. Chairman Ernest Wong says with her regional experience she is well equipped to run MediaCorp in the face of declining advertising revenue.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Remembering Sebastian Tan

Remembering Sebastian Tan Chiaw Hock(1923 – 2016}

With deep sadness I came to know of the passing on of  my ex boss and mentor Sebastian Tan former Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering Radio and TV Singapore. He was called home to be with the Lord on 22 Nov 2016, dearly missed by loved ones and ex-staff.
When I joined RTS in 1967 Sebastian was then engineer with the transmission stations. I came to know him when he was posted back to Caldecott Hill Broadcast Centre. He was a kind and considerate boss. Over the years I knew him to be a hardworking diligent professional engineer. He was a mentor to many young engineers and I myself had the benefit to learn much in the technologies of broadcast engineering and successful career  on the Hill.
He was instrumental in introducing many new systems and technologies to the company namely FM , B/W TV, Colour TV, MW and Short Transmission, TV Studios etc. The most memorable project I did with him was the setting up of a colour TV outside studio to broadcast Singapore National Day Parade first time in colour at the Padang. Despite a very tight schedule his can-do attitude made it possible for viewers in 1974 to watch TV in colour.
Together all of us went through the restructuring of RTS into SBC, SIM (TCS,RCS,TV12) and Sebastian was the Chief Engineer giving us strong support to tide over the changes.
Sebastian never said a harsh word to anybody. As a kind and caring boss, he was well –liked by everybody including those who might have disagreements with him.
After his retirement Sebastian still continued with his professional work and acted s consultants to companies like National Productivity Board, Singapore Teleport, Singtel , Polytechnics etc.
We will miss this great engineer. If there is a role model of a excellent professional engineer to emulate, Sebastian is the one.

Rest in Peace .

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ernest Wong - New Chairman

Ernest Wong is back to MediaCorp as its Chairman from June 2016( succeeding Teo Ming Kin). He was Group Chief Executive from 2000 to 2005..
Mr Teo said Ernest is best suited for the job and can help navigate the complex landscape of the broadcasting business.

“A veteran banker since 1972, Mr Wong was United Overseas Bank Group President and board member from 1990 to 2000 when he left to join Mediacorp as its Group CEO. Before 1972, he worked for five years with Singapore’s Economic Development Board and the Ministry of Finance. Currently, Mr Wong chairs Temasek Holdings’ wholly owned subsidiary, Fullerton Financial Holdings, which invests in and operates financial institutions in emerging markets. He is a board member of Pavilion Capital Holdings and commissioner of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia. Outside of the financial sector, Mr Wong chairs A Menarini Asia-Pacific and is a Trustee of the NTU Board of Trustees and Chairman of its Investment Committee.” ..from CNA

I worked with him during his five years (as Chief Engineer) at MediaCorp. I could get along well with him.
I would say he was a know-all CEO, colourful character and always had focus for the business aspect of the company ---making money.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

new logo
old logo 2001 -2015

Mediacorp Singapore broadcaster moves into a new building after 63 years at Caldecott Broadcast Centre. It has unveiled a new logo to replace the longest serving blue one which was used for 15 years. With a multi colour design it reflects a evolving open company in the years ahead. Mediacorp’s CEO Shaun Seow said he hoped the logo’s colours and texture would help to “project Mediacorp’s vibrancy and its multiplicity of talent, media and experiences.”
The new12-storey  building at Mediapolis has facilities  for 3 new studios, 4 entertainment studios and a theatre was officially opened by the Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong.  It will take nine months from Dec 2015 to completely move to the new complex.

At last it is done. We had  been talking about moving since the days of SBC in the 80s. Over the years there were feasibility studies for a number of sites which included Bugis Junction Area, Changi Business Park, Harbout Front and Bukit Batok.  Best wishes to all at the new Mediacorp and congratulations to the hard-working project team for this milestone achievement.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

COT Gathering

Caldecott Hill Old Timers gathered at the cafe poolside of the Singapore Recreation Club on 23 Nov 2015 6.30pm chit chat and warm memories of our time on Caldecott Hill..and to welcome Georgre Favacho and his darling again to Singapore from Perth. The event was organised by Cecilia and Lucy and anchored by George.. We had jolly good time..with George making introduction for the umpteen times on all the old timers namely..
Horace Wee, Ruth Heng, Lee Peng Hock, Michael Loke, Liew Ter Kwang, Philip Tay Joo Thong, Susan, Susan Ng, Ow Kee Hong etc. We were also joined by Narayan as well as Jeffrey Goh. The late Steven Lee s darling Amy also was there and George cracked some jokes about Steven which brought back some old memories. He was my regular lunch kaki with Michael and Lucy.I was very glad to meet up again especially Ow, Michael, Lucy, Joan Chee ,Liew Ter Kwang, Lee Peng Hock etc.
 Karen Chia was there. She has recently left Mediacorp for greener pasture elsewhere. We wish to record our appreciation to her for keeping COT informed of the latest in MediaCorp and keeping the Group well posted about the move to Mediapolis.
For those interested to join us for the next COT gathering please contact Lucy or Cecilia or email to George at or email me at

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Big Guns

Broadcasting in Singapore and the Big Guns

The direction of broadcasting in Singapore is set by a group of important
people and highly qualified people from industry. Most were with the
Government. They were responsible for the health of broadcasting to
inform educate entertain the masses…also for the successes (and failures)
of many projects on Caldecott Hill. Here is a list of the Big Guns and the Hill.

Ministers: S. Rajaratnm, Othman Wok, Jek  Yuen Thong,Ong Teng Cheong,
Yeo Ning Hong, George Yeo, David Lim, Lee Yock Suan, Lee Boon Yang, Yaacob
Ibrahim (present)

Permanent Secretaries: Lee Siow Mong, JohnDuclos, P S Raman,
Hsu Tse Kwang, Cheng Tong Fatt, Goh Kim Leong, Tan Chin Name, Niam Chiang Meng, Chan Yeng Kit, Aubeck Kam

CEO of Authority: Ho Meng Kiat, Goh Liang Kwang, Christopher Chia,
Aubeck Yam, Koh Lin-Net, Gabriel Lim (present)

Chairman of Company: Ong Teng Cheong Choon Kong, Cheong, Wee Kim Wee, Wee Mon Cheng,
Yong Pung How, Cheng Wai Keung, Ho Kwong Pin,  Teo Ming Kin(present)

CEOs of Company:

1960s: John Duclos, PS Raman
1970s: Hsu Tse Kwang, Mrs Wong Lee Siok Tin
1990s: Moses Lee , Lim Hup Seng
2000s: Lee Cheok Yew, Anthong Chia, Sandra Buenoventura, Ernest Wong,
Lucas Chow, Shaun Seow (Present)

Note: CEO was called Director of Broadcasting in the 60s and 70s until the company was
corporatised to SBC in the 80s.
The broadcasting company on the Hill was known by various names viz
Department of Broadcasting, SBC, Singapore International Media and its
components RCS, TVS, STV12,  Media Corp (present)
The Ministry was called Ministry of Culture, Sports and Culture, Information
And the Arts, Information and Communiction and the Arts, Ministry of Information
And Communication
Authority: The Authority was called Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA)
and later Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MediaCorp Digital Television

Come 2020 roof top TV antennas like the ones seen above would completely clear the Singapore skyline. This is made possible by use of indoor antennas with your digital TV set using a digital tv standard  DVB-T2 adopted by MediaCorp. MediaCorp is transmitting all free-to-air channels in digital since Dec 2013, of  which all except  Ch U are in HD . Ch U will go HD in 2016. Asean countries except the Philippines had agreed to switch off analog TV by 2020 and  to adopt DVB-T2 standard thereby creating a big market for digital TV equipment and exchange of information.
Digital TV can be received free to air by an integrated digital TV set or with a digital TV set top box connected to existing TV sets. The Government has announced subsidies for more than 150,000 households to switch to digital by 2020. And sets with a DTV approved label are now available at TV retail outlets.
 MediaCorp engineers have been installing transmitters progresively island wide since 2013 to be completed by 2020 or earlier. You can find out if you area is digital ready by checking this website
Digital TV pictures are digitally coded and as such lead to better quality pictures and enhanced related data services. It also enables the telecast and display of high definition pictures and sound. Because the channels are free to air viewers need not subscribe to any cable service.