Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MediaCorp -50 years of Television

MediaCorps celebrating 50 years of television. Since the intro of black and white TV in 1963, MediaCorp known previously by such name as RTS, TCS, SBC etc has progressed to digital and now internet and mobile TV.
See Channel News Asia write-up on this event at

Over the years the dominant broadcast station has its viewers to thank for and all those staff who had contributed the best years of their lives on Caldecott Hill.

Friday, February 1, 2013

New CTO at MediaCorp

Joseph Igoe New CTO of MediaCorp
 According to CNA dated 28 Jan 2013,  MediaCorp has appointed Joseph Igoe as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Basically in charge of the Engineering and Technology Department that spans an area covering from studio facilities to broadcast transmitters , the CTO  position was known by many other names over the years eg Chief Engineer, Director (Engineering) Senior Vice President (Engineering), Group CTO, Managing Director (Engineering)etc.

Mr Igoe was a  former CTO at WGBH, a public broadcaster based in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked in various leading US broadcast company . 

Effective Feb 2013  he will report to MediaCorp CEO Shaun Seow in developing a strategic plan and technology roadmap to support and grow the company's business in Singapore and beyond.

Other comments:
Previously (over the last 50 years) the post was held  by the following :
George Ang
Sebastian Tan
Lam Lychow
Tay Joo Thong
Mock Pak Lam
Wee Way Kiat