Tuesday, November 6, 2012

COT's Party

COTS Year End Party
Thurs 29th Nov 2012 7.30pm
Calling Old Timers of Caldecott Hill !
Do come along to our home on Thurs 29 Nov at 7.30pm
Come makan and make merry with old friends and familiar faces of our youth and prime!
Wing will cook for us. Beer and beverages provided but do bring a bottle if
you are very thirsty.
Memorabilia welcomed - Old pics, old tapes or recordings(with players)
You may have anecdotes of that glorious bygone era.
You can sing your heart out to old songs - with a guitar (if someone brings one along)
or karoake the night away.
Please let us know your attendance by return email or sms? If you know of any other
COT member we should invite, pl let us have their contact details.
We look forward to seeing you!
    Chan Heng Wing / Aileen Yip

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Note from Ringgo Tan

 Note from Ringgo Tan

"Hi there, I cam across your website and found your writing on tv and radio personalities quite interesting. i can remember other personalities

who were popular in the fifties, early and middle sixties namely : George Favacho, Duncan Watts, Derek Cooper, Tan See Lai, Joan Chee,

and Claude Doral, Maisey Conceicao(if I can remember correctly) and Kingsley Morando in the fifties. I hope you can write about them in your website to reminisce over old times.

Thanks a lot, you have redindle the memories of yester years"

I hope to write on some of the personalities of radio and TV in the 60s. Theirs cvs are hard to find on the internet. Any assistance is much appreciated. (I know from experience when we are in retirement we become lazy to write)- philip tay

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Salleh Sariman

Salleh Sariman - the Cameraman

One of the top - notch cameraman on the Hill was Salleh Sarimun.He has invited his ex-collegues and friends to view his photos at the following sites.



Below is a a photo taken  with one of of Singapore's top celebrity.