Sunday, April 21, 2013

Huang Wen Yong - A Star has fallen

My favourite male actor at MediaCorp has died. He was one of the early pioneers of  Chinese Drama - a project started in the early 80s by the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation. I knew him to be a friendly and cheerful person whilst working in the television studios years ago.
Here is a report from TODAY

"SINGAPORE - Veteran MediaCorp actor Huang Wen Yong has died of lymphoma cancer at the age of 60.
Wen Yong, who had been hospitalised for a week, died at around 5pm in the Singapore General Hospital. His wife was by his side when he died.
The actor, best known for his roles in classic MediaCorp serials like The Awakening and Samsui Women, was just nominated as Best Supporting Actor for this year's Star Awards for his role in The Joys Of Life. The ceremony is scheduled to take place next Sunday.
Actors and actresses took to social media to share their condolences. Actress Cynthia Koh tweeted "To one of the many best veteran actors of Singapore. Wen Yong RIP", and actor Desmond Tan tweeted that he would "remember everything (Huang Wen Yong) told him".
Huang Wen Yong caused a stir last November when he appeared emaciated and tired during a television show to commemorate the 30th anniversary of local Mandarin drama. He told MediaCorp's online portal Toggle that it was the result of his battle with stomach flu.
MediaCorp said in a statement: "MediaCorp mourns the passing of one of its most beloved and endearing actors, Huang wenyong.
"Wenyong joined the then SBC in 1980 and was one of the early pioneers of local Chinese drama. To date, he has acted in over 100 Chinese dramas and sitcoms. In his over 30-year career with MediaCorp, he won numerous awards including "Special Achievement Award" in Star Awards 1997 and the most recent "Top 10 Favourite Male Artist Award" in Star Awards 2011.
"Wenyong will be dearly missed by everyone in MediaCorp - as a professional craftsman, a beloved colleague and a true friend."
Rest in Peace Huang Wen Yong

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The death of Rooftop TV Antennas

Soon rooftop TV antennas will become extinct. After 50 years Singapore's skyline will be free from those ugly looking metal pipes on all HDB and private condo roofs, This is made possible by a new technology of digital TV called DVB T2. MDA has announced plans to introduce this new technology starting December 2013. Many small TV transmitters can be deployed so that small TV antennas can be used indoor somewhat similar to that on your wi-fi router in your living room. MediaCorp has announced all its present analogueTV terrestrial channels will switch to digital high definition TV (HDTV)channels employing DVB T2. In five years time all terrestrial TV channels will go digital and all TVantennas on rooftop of tall buildings will disappear.
To receive these HDTV channels a new set top box is needed for older TV sets. New sets will come with integrated decoders and are likely to be more expensive.
MDA is working with the TV industry in educating consumersfor a smooth roll out of this exciting technology and services.