Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where were you..what were you doing during...

1930s - the first broadcasting stationby the British Malayan Broadccasting Corp was set up on Caldecott hill

1940s - Singapore Government took over the station..the Japanese occupation operating as "Syonan
Hoso Kyoku"

1950s - Radio Singapore came about..Laying of foundation stone for Broadcasting House by the then Governor and Commandant-in-Chief ..

1960s - Radio started oommercial advertising, Black and white TV commenced on 15 Feb 1963, Radio and TV Singapore RTS organised, Formation of Malaysia and separatio, second TV channel, Opening of new TV centre on 26 Aug 1966 by PM Lee Kuan Yew

1970s - Opening of first satellite earth station, first overseas programme via satellite World Cup Holland vs Germany..Introduction of colour television in Aug 1974

1980s /90s - Singapore Broadcasting Corporation SBC formed to take over the functions of Department of Broadcasting (RTS), launched of Radio 5 , introduction of Video Dubbing , teletext on Ch5 and 8.. .. Introduction of Chinese Drama... Electronic News Gathering equipment introduced, first live night NDP at the stadium ...reorganisation of SBC into News and Current Affairs, Radio, Entertainment Productions, Engineering services. O & M unit set up to streamline operations...Friday Background a quarterly current affairs programme started, people meter by AC Nielsen appeared in homes for viewers response.......Chinese drama production the Army Series produced on film ..access of CNN channel on the Gulf war..3rd TV Channel TV 12 launched....

Early 2000s - reorganisation and privatisation of SBC into a number of companies including TCS under a holding company Singapore International Media...and later on Media Corp... the rise and dawn of free to air TV competition....

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