Thursday, April 30, 2009

i remember the Quests

The Quest was a pop band popular during the 60s and I believe one of the successful pop music group in the region that did Singapore proud. It started at Queenstown Secondary Technical School –the school that I attended from 1959 -1963. They used to perform at the school’s concerts which made the principal, the teachers and students proud ..more so when they became popular.
Jap Chong (rhythm) and Raymond Leong (lead) both attended Queenstown during the 1960s. They named the band after the school’s name. Their original songs Shanty and Gallopin’ won them a EMI Records contract in 1964. In 1963 they were the first local band to play electric instruments on Radio Television’s talentine in 1964. Henceforth they started performing in the television studios at Caldecott Hill. They were supporting popular artists like Rita Chao and Sakura Teng.
After my college and when I was posted as technical operator in the television studios in the late 60s, I remember lighting and vision control the group in television studio one for a number of occasions. They appeared on many radio shows as well. The band disbanded in 1971.

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