Monday, November 2, 2009

i love lucy

I Love Lucy debuted on CBS in October 1951 and was an immediate sensation. It spent four of its six prime-time seasons as the highest-rated series on television and never finished lower than third place. Eisenhower's presidential inauguration in January 1953 drew twenty-nine million viewers, but when Lucy gave birth to Little Ricky in an episode broadcast the next day forty-four million viewers (72% of all U.S. homes with TV) tuned in to I Love Lucy. When it ceased production as a weekly series in 1957, I Love Lucy was still the number one series in the country. And its remarkable popularity has barely waned in the subsequent decades. Since passing into the electronic museum of reruns, I Love Lucy has become the Mona Lisa of television, a work of art whose fame transcends its origins and its medium."

The above is gleaned from the web. I Love Lucy an American television sitcom, starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley was my favourite comedy TV show during the late sixties and seventies when the re-runs were shown on TV Singapore in B & W. Lucy never failed to make me laugh. I watched it on a 27 inch Setron set . Setron was a local TV set manufacturer located at Tanglin Halt industrial estate.

And what were the other acquired shows I tuned in those days? I remember All in the Family, Bonanza, 77 Sunset Strip, the Lone Ranger, Hawaii 5-0 and many more. In the early 80s I remember Dallas, Magnum and Charlie Angels, MASH, The Incredible Hulk...... I loved to watch TV after my school home work ,of course.

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