Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Syonan Jinja(the search for the Yamashita Gold)

Syonan Jinja (the search for the Yamashita Gold)

Hi A bit of history that took place during World War II near Caldecott Hill. Here is the interesting piece.

"Based in the dense jungle of the MacRitchie Catchment Area are the ruins of SyonanJinja, a Japanese Shinto shrine dating back to World War II. Built to commemorate Japanesesoldiers who died fighting in the invasion of Singapore, Syonan Jinja was the locationof many Japanese religious and cultural ceremonies. The original structure,built during the Japanese Occupatiion (1942-5), was a temple with no walls.Raised from the ground by a stone platform graduated with a few steps, the slopingtemple roof rested on pillars that stood at regular intervals round the perimeter of theplatform. It is believed that during rituals, worshippers would drink from a huge granite ceremonial fountain located outside the shrine......."For more information please go to the entrance of Sime Road (left side) and read the two courtesy of the National Heritage Board and Singapore pools.
I remember Lisa Ang presented a programme Hey Singapore telecast over Channel 5 in 1999 I think. In one of the episodes “Search for Yamashita Gold” was featured. It is documented that General Yamashita commander of the Japanese Army that swept through South Asia buried his loot along the location is rumoured to be at the Syonan Jinja. Remnants of the Shinto Shrine can be found next to the SICC Bukit 3rd Fairway (see photo) The then Television Corporation had a team there with metal detector attempting to find the gold. Nothing!
I spoke to one of the crew members WL Ang and he said maybe it is worth a second attempt.
Those interested to search for the Yamashita gold please email me.


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Good info about this here:

Anonymous said...

No gold here. Japs bombed the place and must have taken out all the gold before surrender.
British Army dug and dug the place. No gold. Place full of holes now. Be careful when you are going round there with your metal detector.
Best bet is to dredge the waters under the bridge. Beware of crocos!