Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mr n Mrs Chan

Mr and Mrs Chan

You will never go hungry when Mr or Mrs Chan is around.
If you work at Caldecott Hill for more than 30 years you will know Mrs Chan and the late Mr Chan. Mr Chan was the boss of the cooked food stall operating at the Old Broadcasting in the 60s. The stall is still around in the TV Centre canteen. The name of the stall is Lau Lim Kee (Old Lim Kee. Mr Lim is the father of Mrs Chan) . In its 41st year the food stall is still popular and is now managed by his daughter and wife.
Mr Chan Soo Har was a very nice man. Very friendly and got along well with staff and workers. He used to come around and chit-chat when we gathered for lunch at the old canteen. Many liked to see his smiling face except for pay day. In the old days staff received cash at the old auditorium. Mr Chan would stand at the exit and collect his money for those who were on account. At times we all would participate in a credit scheme called “tontine”.
The best dish I recalled at the old canteen was nasi berani. He had a secret recipe for this. The other cooked dishes were delicious too. Till today his food stall is till crowded during lunch and dinner hours. I had hokkien mee yesterday (the week before was mee goreng) and was pleased to talk to Mrs Chan and her daughter on some of the past memories.
It is said that staff on Caldecott Hill come and go but Lau Lim Kee go on forever!

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