Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Caldecott Hill to One North

MediaCorp moving out......

After more than 60 years on Caldecott Hill MediaCorp known previously by names such as RTS, TCS and SBC will be moving out of Caldecott Hill to One North.

The new centre will be at the new Mediapolis@one-north Buona Vista. Mediapolis is Singapore's digital media hub with an area of 19-hectares.

MediaCorp will occupy 1.5 hectares of land and a built-up area of 79,500 square metres, just at the side of the MDA building Fusionpolis. It will house all the media facilities including television studios and broadcast facilities.
CNA reports
"Speaking at the opening of the Asia Television Forum, Information, Communications and the Arts Minister Lui Tuck Yew said the move would attract other local and overseas industry players involved across the value chain -- such as creation, production and post-production -- to Mediapolis, and to participate in collaborative projects with MediaCorp.

The broadcaster could also extend its facilities and services to other production houses "for greater synergies and possible cost benefits".

He said this would contribute further to the growth of the media landscape.

Mr Lui also said he hoped the infocomm infrastructure at Mediapolis, which includes a high-speed network and high density storage systems, would be a lure for digital content companies.

MediaCorp CEO Lucas Chow welcomes the decision.

He said the group looks forward to playing a catalytic role in attracting new and foreign media players to Mediapolis.

In 2006, MediaCorp had announced its decision to relocate to a site at Bukit Batok, but the plan was shelved due to high construction costs and the onset of the economic crisis.

But it said in a statement that the move to a new campus gained traction as the economy improved and new options presented themselves.

The design of MediaCorp's new complex is yet to be decided, but the company said it would be high-rise in nature, with television studios and theatres occupying the lower floors.

The move to one-north will be carried out in phases, and is expected to be completed by mid-2015.

Separately, MediaCorp and the Media Development Authority are working together to support independent production houses in creating made-in-Singapore content exclusively for online viewing.

The regulator will co-invest up to half of the production budget, and the finished products will be distributed on MediaCorp's xinmsn online video platform.

Selected projects will also be promoted through MediaCorp's media network."
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Jacky said...

Mediacorp always eat its words on relocation issues. So we better wait until the new headquarter has it's grand opening

Unknown said...

Should be reliable this time. If the Minister has had his say, what can possibly go wrong ?