Tuesday, June 18, 2013

John Tan PengTee

John with celebrites during a recording

John Tan Peng Tee –50 years working and still going strong

John Tan joined then RTS in 1973 when black and white TV just started. At .age 70 he is still enjoy working on Caldecott Hill.. as a consultant in the technology business of MediaCorp…thanks to Mediacorp’s policy of enabling staff to work as long as they want.
Over the years he has worked in many areas of the technical support group from tv productions, outside broadcast,videotaping, training and facilities support.

What is John’s secret in working so long in one job with one company? Knowing him for more than twenty years I can say that besides enjoying his work John has three qualities which endeared him to the company and people he worked with ie hardworking, getting along with his peers and bosses and a can-do attitude.

I remember  a project that he came up outstanding in his performance whilst working with me and staff from the other creative depart May Ling, Asaad,Jeffery Goh, Remesh, Juay Thiew, Heng Tow  and the late Foo Hua Lim –the  hosting of the SEA Games in 1993. John was tireless in his efforts to provide the best support facilities to all the participating countries . His public relations with broadcasters from the region were super and gave the company a good image.

The other project is the coverage and production of Open Heart Surgery – an event from the hospital that is televised world wide . His can do attitude has made this project possible and till now this event is still being televised and handled by his team.

I spoke to John Tan a few days ago  to say I wanted to post something about him cause I see that it is not often to work  for so long and at his age he is still going strong. I said he would be a good example for seniors to be like him.  In his modest ways he said this is made possible by the many opportunities I gave him as his boss.

He said he is still healthy and will work as long as the company wants him. My Best Wishes to him..  

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