Friday, July 26, 2013

Murder and Kidnapping on Caldecott Hill

The tranquillity of Caldecott Hill was disturbed on two occasions
when a murder took place in 1983 and a kidnapping n 1964 .

On 23 July 1983 I saw a big crowd at the end of Andrew Road exiting
to Lornie Road.   Subsequently it was reported that a murder - robbery took
place in one of the split bungalows.Two men were involved -armed with a
rifle stolen from the SAF.
A retIred businessman, his wife and maid were killed at around 12 -2 pm.
The daughter and tutor were saved by of one of the robbers . The father's
skull was fractured and both the wife and maid were strangled.
Both men were caught -one sentence to death and the other life imprisonment..

On 5 Feb 1964 a kidnapping happened on the hill. Mr Shaw Vee Ming,
 son of Mr  Run Run Shaw and his malay driver were kidnapped by five armed
gangsters near his resident on Caldecott Hill   -along the slope leading to the broadcasting station.           
 Mr Shaw was  in his black-topped Fiat with his driver at the
wheel when the kidnappers forced his car to stop.
The kidnappers transferred them into a stolen van drove away
 along Andrew Road.
It was reported the kidnappers demanded ransom of $500,00 but released the victims after 12 days
without  the ransom being paid.    

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