Friday, August 21, 2015

MediaCorp remember Caldecott Hill Old Timers (COT)

Mediacorp remember COTs

It is not often that a company remembers its staff who had retired many years back 30,40,50 years. Mediacorp did . It invited its pioneers to a gathering on Thurs 20 Aug 2015. And briefed them  on the latest development of the company and its new complex at MediaPolis . Minister Lawrence Wong was there as well together with officials from MDA and the Management. I was certainly glad to meet and greeted by the CEO Shaun Seow, Deputy CEO Long Jong and CTO Joseph Igo. It was very heart warming to meet up with old colleagues and friends. At lunch we shared many memories. My first supervisor fifty years ago Ong Shee Chek (Technical Producer) was there too. He brought up the occasion I was scolded by Ben Da Cuhna Deputy Chief Engineer for not removing a studio camera cover before switching on. Ha ha ha...some memories one cannot forget. And the COTs (this term is coined by George Favacho) I worked with over the years and met that day were ...
Raymond Huang, Param Singh,Liew Ter Kwang, Goh Kee Chai, Michael Loke, Anwar, Cecilia, Joan Chee,Wong Yew Wah,John Tan, Andrew Cheng, SimChoon Hing, Kong, Gay Tong Beng, Ho Pan Chun, Seet Leong Teik, Tan Cheng Kee, Sandra , Ow Kee Hong, Banu, Hashim Yusof, Kenneth Liang, George Netto, Brian Richmond, Norman Lim etc and many others..
It was very nice and thoughtful of Mediacorp to organise this event...remembering its pioneers.
For a report of the event by CNA please refer to this link.

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