Friday, September 18, 2009

i remember Ian Hope

I joined the Department of Broadcasting in 1958 as a BroadcastingAssistant and worked closely with all radio producers from the fourdifferent sections including Mr. Ian Hope. He was then a radioproducer for the English Programme Section. He produced mainly talkshows, eg. Radio Forums on current topics, Youth Programme "Youth AtThe Helm" and he also read the news. Over the years, we got alongvery well. I understand from him that in 1954 he was a EnglishLiterature teacher at Bartley Secondary School. In 1956, he joinedthe Broadcasting Service, organised as "Radio Malaya, Singapore andthe Federation of Malaya" headquarters in Singapore. When TV wasintroduced in 1963, there was the News and Newsreel Programme. Theannouncer who read the News would appear on TV while the Newsreelannouncer would be seen off screen.I attached the following photographs which I took of Mr. Hope beforehe left for Australia in 1973.Caption for Photo No 1 taken on 23 November 1961Mr Hope and his 4 children taken at the Mount Emily Swimming Pool inSophia Road.Photo No 2 taken on 7 November 1962Mr. Hope chaired the programme "Youth At The Helm" in "B" Studio Radio Malaya.Photo No 3 taken on 26 March 1963.Mr. Hope and Mr. David Prior from Australia during a last minuteinclusion for the Newsreel portion at the TV studio.

Regards Mun Chor Seng

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