Sunday, September 13, 2009

In Memoriam - Ian Hope

In Memoriam - Ian Hope

Ian Hope, a former broadcaster, passed away in Melbourne on 2 Sept 09 at the age of 87. His body was cremated on 9th Sept.Ian was born on 6 March 1922. He retired from RTS in 1972 at the age of 50.He was a producer on radio on the English channel and did many programmes. When TV came on, he also read the news on TV.Maureen, Lucy and others fond memories of him

Above is a photograph of him and his wife Anita taken in his home in 2003 with Simplicius Cheong and his wife. (Simplicius was also a producer during RTS days doing mainly classical and jazz msuic recordings. Simplicius emigrated to Australia, I think also in the 70's).

Above info contributed by Norman

Sad to hear about Ian's passing.When I first joined Radio - RTS in 1968, he was like a mentor to me. He taught me how to read news and share market report. He was a good trainer, with patience and persistency, and I learned a lot from him as a broadcaster. He left RTS in 1973 and not 1972, I think. -Belinda Sunshine

Thanks for the news on the passing of our old colleague IAN HOPE. I remember him well - ever prim and proper and always helpful and willing to help out anyone in need. I recall the many moments when Stephen Lee and I shared long discussions with Ian in the old Canteen at Radio Singapore, sometimes over a few bottles of Tiger Beer.
May he rest in peace - George Favacho

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