Friday, April 23, 2010

Remember the first TV Guide?

One of the priorities when RTS rolled over to SBC a statutory board was to keep viewers and advertises informed of its channel porgrammes. The first issue of TV Guide in English called Radio and TV Times was published on 25 Oct 1980. It gave viewers lots of programming information and was an instant success. This issue featured programmes such as Battle Galactica, the Muppet Show etc and interesting snippets on TV personalities.
About three months later the Chinese version of Radio and TV Times was published. The Chairman of SBC the late Ong Teng Cheong gave an encouraging forward to this issue. Mr Cheng Tong Fatt the General Manager also had something to say, thanking staff for the support and giving information on the reorganisation of the company. The first edition of Chinese RTV Times had interesting information on Carol Cheng and Chow Ying Fatt. It also featured our new drama artistes including Huang Wenyong. The TV Guides became an instant hit with viewers.

Many look forward to the guides weekly- now called 8 Days for English and I-Weekly for Chinese.
You cannot watch TV without it!

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