Friday, April 30, 2010

what do Kopi-O and Under One Roof have in common?

Both were my family favourite shows on TV years ago. And both were prime time TV hits – KOPI-O on channel 8 and UNDER ONE ROOF on channel 5.

KOPI-O is a drama serial televised in 1987. It centred around the daily lives of stall operators in a HDB coffee shop. Every story was about a situation which they would argued and quarreled and eventually came to a good ending. There were good times and bad times in their lives in providing services to coffee-shop customers. One of the things that made this show memorable is the catchy theme some. Many of the local stars performed superbly. You see them in the opening of for this show at

Under One Roof is the story of Tan Ah Teck (Moses Lim)-the owner of a provision shop and his family-wife Dolly and children Ronnie, Paul and Denise and their daily encounters with their neighbours in a HDB apartment. The stories that were told could be easily identified with the daily lives of HDB heartlanders. We used to gather round the TV set to watch this hilarious show and everybody had good laughs.
It was the first locally-produced English situation comedy. First aired over channel 5 in 1994 it starred Moses Lim ,Koh Chieng Mun , Norleena Salim , Vernetta Lopez, Nicholas Lee, Andrew Lim, Selena Tan, Zaibo and Daisy Irani. It won many international awards and was also shown in many overseas broadcast stations. Here is the opening of Under One Roof

MediaCorp had produced many good ones over the years and I think the above two are classics during the formative years of the company. The other classic is Phua Chu Kang another classic of recent vintage……...

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