Monday, May 3, 2010

Raymond has something to say....

I remember Raymond Anthony Fernando. He was the smartest dressed officer in the days of RTS/SBC. With the Public Relations department, i think he was one of courteous person I had met. He recently wrote this to me. He has something to say on behalf of senior citizens..

"Doing more for senior citizens -Show re-runs of old TV Shows. Many of our seniors citizens who have fulfilled their responsibilities in the past should be able to look forward to a better quality of life in their twilight years. ... See MoreMediaCorp TV and radio have a role to play in supporting our elderly. Certainly a trip down memory lane will help to revive the beautiful memories that our seniors have of what they once enjoyed. During the 60s and 70s, there were some very entertaining programmes on television and radio. Television shows like Dr Kildare, Ben Casey, 77 Sunset Strip, Sea Hunt and many more always had a large following. Westerns such as The Rifleman, Rin Tin Tin and The Lone Ranger also had viewers glued to the small screen. Ours seniors will definitely appreciate a revival of such TV shows including comedies like The Jack Benny Show and I love Lucy. I remember Jack Benny could easily secure a laugh just by his body language. Even our local TV productions such as Pop In, Dendang Ria and Talentime were also delightfully entertaining. Though all these programmes were in black and white, I am sure ours seniors will enjoy watching them all over again because it brings back beautiful memories. Could MediaCorp TV introduce a senior citizens slot on Channel 5 to recognise those who have contributed much to nation building?Community support I remember veteran broadcaster Lucy Leong hosting a radio show dedicated to the sick. Listeners could write in and request songs and send get-well wishes for their loved ones who were hospitalised. Such a programme could be brought back as part of a community project to support the sick in hospitals and nursing homes. It will also help seniors if our major supermarkets make available ready-to-cook meals. When the Japanese supermarket Yaohan was in operation here, these cleaned and packed ready-to-cook meals were very popular. Meat and fish packed with vegetables, garlic and ginger enabled consumers to prepare a meal in less than 10 minutes. Such products may also prove useful for working couples who often have little time to prepare dinner.


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