Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Digression:Earthday Baby has her say

This message has nothing to do with memories of Caldecott Hill. My grandpa , Philip J T Tay , who is still working on Caldecott Hill for the past 43 years and who is the administrator of this blog has allowed me some blog space to pen what I am going to say for the record. Ha Ha.
I was born on Thursday 22 April 2010 at 1741 hrs at Thomson Medical Hospital . My weight was 3.09 kg and now a week later is 3.2kg. I stayed in the hospital for two days being in the “cocoon” which I crouched for the past 10 months. Sure glad to be out!
My dad was given the chance to cut the umbilical cord and the ceremony of this is recorded on camera. It is going to be exciting when I view it when my sight matures.
The first talk I had with my mum is by the method of crying loudly. This seems to be modus operandi and the next few days I had to communicate by this means whenever I need to be fed or when I pooh.
Kongkong(father’sfather) came over every night to take a look at me and carry me just to tell me he loves me very much. Grandpa Tay also came over my cot many time to peep and admire this little me. He shyed away carrying me and I know he is clumsy at this. By his own confession he hardly carried my mum when a baby. The excuse was late hours at Caldecott Hill lah!
Now I am seven days old and everybody from nanny,grandma and pa. mum and dad and my aunties had studied me inside and out. And they seem to know and understand my crying . I was never left to cry for more than 2 minutes!
Dad has started a facebook for me and got me a email . Grandpa promises to start a blog so that he can document my early life from birth till I am able to operate a blog independently. He is retiring soon and he thinks it is great to start blogging me!
Well that’s all folks . Hope to tell you more on my blog as the days pass and the years come…

PS: One of the photos shows I sent a greeting card to my uncle in Sydney and my auntie in Sengkang to wish them happy bithday on 2 May.

With Love from Claire Ong

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