Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CEO LUCAS CHOW calls it a day at Caldecott Hill

CEO LUCAS CHOW calls it a day at Caldecott Hill

Lucas Chow CEO of MediaCorp has tendered his resignation. He spent five challenging years managing the media group, taking over from Ernest Wong.
According to CNA report –
Chairman Teo Ming Kian said
“Lucas has built up MediaCorp to what it is today in the five years as its CEO. Under his watch, MediaCorp has done well to keep up with audiences’ needs and changes sweeping the media industry"
For more details of his achievements please go to:

I was not in the management committee but I know him to be an approachable boss with good people-management skills. Among other things he has good technology knowledge of the media. I was pleased to be able to convince him to adopt high-definition television in MediCorp’s strategic plan and his passion for subject such as digital television surround sound has made the transition to new technologies easier. While mindful of the commercial side of the business he is always open to innovation and introduction of new media technologies. The latest approval I had from him was to undertake a trial on 3D Television. And he is a strong advocate of Internet Television and the Next Generation Broadband Network.

I guess one of his likeable decision was to restore the pay-cuts of staff after the recession and the other is token appreciation for good performance with ice-cream. I must have taken three or four during his tenure.
His notable interest for charity work is also well-known among staff.

His resignation is also timely and in keeping with the tenure of other CEOs at Caldecott Hill. CEOs there called it a day after spending 4-5 years moulding the Media conglomerate.
CEOs come and go but MediaCorp go on forever......

Best Wishes to him in his future endeavour.

Stop Press: It was reported that FAR East Organisation appoints Lucas as its Executive Directive effective Aug 2011. Please see report from CNA below:



Anonymous said...

As for the acceptance of new technologies and people management skills, he might be good, proved by ice cream appreciation etc.However, his achievements in his term as Mediacorp CEO are a little bit disappointing. Except for Little Nyonya, our national broadcaster failed to continuously improve its content quality, where it is well understood that the content is the king, whatever delivery method is adopted, terrestrial, web or IPTV... Innovations, such as 3D trial, 3D printing and HD, have not been commercialized to bring a radical change to the company. The question is, as the CEO for our national broadcaster, he does not help much to answer the question "What is the future of Mediacorp and how to bring it to a new level"...

CLJ said...

During his term he restored previous pay-cuts and the made the most money for MediaCorp especially in 2010 - a feat not achieved in the past 10 years or so!That is good i think.

Anonymous said...

Yes, agree. Considering the standard for a normal CEO, he is good enough. He is also quite generous for his staffs, compared with the previous CEO, Mr. Lousy. However,let's give a bit higher expectation. As the national monopolized broadcaster, Mediacorp's adversing revenue is likely to be maintain within a relatively stable level in the long run. Peaks and troughs, local market is small and won't have big changes. To explore the oversea market is the only option which make a big move. Mediacorp must make better contents, take a look at Korea,Taiwan and Hongkong, their dramas and variety shows are sold everywhere. Where are we now??? I would expect a good CEO to find a way to improve the qualities of our contents and make them competitive in the oversea market... Does it equal to the purchasing of PT Media Nusantara Citra stakes in Indonesia? Again, I admit he is a a kind boss, but is he a great CEO?

Anonymous said...

Who is the next CEO? Heard that somebody from SPH Chinese department on the way?
Would person like Lee Cheok Yew or Alan make a great CEO for MediCorp?

Anonymous said...

who knows ? :( need a vote for the next CEO?