Saturday, April 2, 2011

COT Gathering 2011

one of the many pictures of 2011 gathering which will be posted on facebook

On Wed 23 Feb about 50 CaldecottHill Old Timers got together at Mariners Corner Restaurant for their annual and had a wonderful time updating their travel and life experiences and living out their old memories of working life at Caldecott. Those who were there included Ananda Pereira, Heng Wing, Maureen Liew, George Favacho, Lucy Leong, Michael Loke, Lam Lychow, Cheng Kee, Ter Kwang, Lay Hong, Andrew, Joo Thong, Francis Chowdurie, Aye Lan, Fernandez , Hua Swan and many more.
Watch out for the newsletter 2011 from George Favacho. Meanwhile take a look at this hilarious newsletter 2010(bottom two images).


Memories keep the heart warm

This morning I rx a nice note from Ee Boon Lee . Here it is:

Dear comrade
Early this morning, I received an internet messsage from a long-lost niece in America.
After wishing us the best wishes etc etc, she ended up by saying: I've read lovely things about you on the internet.
I owe you a debt of gratitude for putting me on the Internet. Otherwise, my niece would not have known that after retirement, I had appeared on TV to recount Singapore's passage from self-governing status to independence.
Boon Lee

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