Friday, July 27, 2012

TV Malaysia Presenters

 A note from Professor Patrica Lin of California Sate Polytechnic.

"Saw your web site on Caldecott Memories and thought you might be interested in this picture of TV Malaysia (later after the separation) Singapore's first batch of presenters for each of the four languages.  

The picture I sent was of the first group of presenters in the four languages used by then TV Malaysia and then later TV Singapura when Singapore separated from Malaysia.  I was the English presenter, seated extreme left.  Next to me was the Mandarin presenter Alice Chong.  Next to her, the Tamil presenter who I think was named Rajamini.  The Malay presenter at the left was Fatimah Ibrahim.  I worked both on TV and Radio Singapore under Maureen Lieu.  Some of the other presenters and radio personalities who were my colleagues included Vernon Palmer, Lucy Leong, Joan (can't remember her last name) Karim Namazi, Steven Lee, Francis Yeoh(?) and Terry Oon.
Can't tell you the exact date of the picture but it had to be between 1964-67.  I left for the US in 1967.

COT may wish to contact her. Professor Lin can be contacted at

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