Friday, August 10, 2012

1963 -1966 Photos by MUN

Please see note from Mun Chor Seng thro George Favacho .
Mun's experience on Caldecotthill can be found elsewhere on this blog.

" Hi All,

I would like to add some comments to the information given by Patrica
Lin regarding her photograph of the 4 languages presenters which was
posted recently on the web site.

15 February 1963 was the inauguration date of 'Pilot Service' of
Television Singapura. It was held at the Victoria Memorial Hall. On 20
February 1963, I took the photograph of the 4 presenters.  They are
Joan Chee, Naragretnam Suppiah, Alice Chong and Asmah Laili as
reflected in the first photo. The backdrop was plain and simple.  This
photograh was also featured in the 25 Years of Television (1963 -
1988) commemorative book.

The second photograph shows TV Outside Broadcast (OB) van.  The OB van
had the slogan 'Television Malaysia Singapura' painted on it and was
parked next to the TV studio. At that time, Singapore was part of
Malaysia. Mr Hasani (in dark glasses) and Mr. John Duclos (Director of
Broadcasting) was doing a 'standupper' for the programme 'Television
in Action'.

The third photograph was taken in 1966.  Mr. Yan Jun, a Hong Kong
actor, was being inteviewed in Mandarin by Mr. Siew Chee Chong. The
backdrop was similar to the one shown in Patrica Lin's photograph of 4

I hope the above information will be useful to all concerned"

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