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Memories of Old Broadcasting House(OBH)

 Patricia Lin sends this picture of old Broadcasting House..

Memories keep the Heart warm

Greeting COT Friends!  (from George Favacho)

Isn't it amazing ... PATRICIA LIN sends in  a B&W Photo of the old Radio Singapore Building, courtesy of the National Archives ... and it stirs up memories for some...

FRANCIS CHOWDHURY ... "I remember the stories of how haunted the main auditorium was and it was scary. "
HORACE WEE ... recalls "Also the time somebody let off a stink bomb into the air condtioning system some time in the afternoon. It was everyone to the canteen till they cleared the air.Yes, Studio A took a direct hit!
Don't forget the CANTEEN where many hungout after work!
Remarks: Aaahhh THE AUDITORIUM ... A CAULDRON OF MEMORIES for me, especially with the Radio Shows (I remember VERNON PALMER doing his "DOUBLE YOUR MONEY" Shows / AHMAD JAAFAR & RTS ORCHESTRA / And of course the "TALENTIME AUDITIONS" especially with STEVEN LEE , TAN HOCK LYE & CHARLES LAZAROO! We use to get great delight annoying CHARLES by delaying pressing the "Elimination Buzzer" when he had to accompany an AWFUL PERFORMER!!!!)

TERRY OON remembers THE SINGAPORE RIOTS .. " I remember sleeping overnight on the floor in Caldecott Hill so I could be on duty first thing in the morning the following day. No sightings of any ghost. And driving to and from the station was such a pleasant experience....not another soul on the road.
Many I am sure will remember Rajaram, the gofer in the English department ? He always had time to oblige and run an errand no matter how rushed he was. He used to sleep in the fact I don't think he ever went home at nights."
Remarks: Yup .. I remember it too. I was a Floor Manager then & remember sleeping on the Table in the FM Office (Hope you didn't hear me snoring Terry?)
Indeed Rajaram was a Character at Radio Singapore. He took his "PEON" duties very religiously and went about his work with a rare dedication. I remember he was well-liked by the late KINGSLEY MORANDO (the 'Father' of Radio Singapore Talentime) We use to consume copious amount of TIGER BEER at the Canteen just listening to KINGSLEY'S stories on his Boxing Days. Rajaram would always be around to ensure that a "wobbly" & "slurring" KINGSLEY would get into a Taxi and sent home! Rajaram was a "ONE OF A KIND"!
PHILIP TAY says ... "I remember this building well because every month I hv line up to receive my pay packet!!
Hi I heard a lot of ghost stories too there and at the TV Studios later on.
Remarks: You are correct PHILLIP! In the early days of the RADIO SINGAPORE Building, I use to park my Vespa Scooter near the front.
Up the steps to Reception, Turn left & down the corridor past the English Programmes Office ("Good Morning Mrs Maureen Liew!" Spick and Span Hairdo!)  / Turn Right  down the corridor you go past the Record Library ( the domain of ARTHUR MERRELS/ TAN SIEW LOON / THOMAS PAUL /  etc) From the reception go up the Stairs and you are in TOP BRASS OFFICE SPACE ( I remember visiting the offices of JOHN DUCLOS & CLAUD DORAL)
Good thing I did not get to hear about the "Ghost Stories" of the TV Studios ... I used to do a lot of night recordings and just as well I did not hear about "a pair of straw shoes sliding out of the bottom of the door..the shoes were ones one wears at a funeral parlour" AIYOH!

KEEP THE STORIES COMING IN ... Thanks for the Memories!

 Those were the Days, Every month payday Abu Bakar, Alice and myself collected the pay packets from Central Pay Office at the Fullerton Bridge to Caldecott Hill Auditorium with police escort.There we could see Qing up for pay.according to unit slots, we could notice  Caldecott tailor, canteen boss and 'Jaga' waiting at the doors to collect debts from the staff.

from Ow Kee Hong 

And other staff also waited around to collect TONTINE money!  - from philip tay joo thong


to be continued.......

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