Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MediaCorp Digital Television

Come 2020 roof top TV antennas like the ones seen above would completely clear the Singapore skyline. This is made possible by use of indoor antennas with your digital TV set using a digital tv standard  DVB-T2 adopted by MediaCorp. MediaCorp is transmitting all free-to-air channels in digital since Dec 2013, of  which all except  Ch U are in HD . Ch U will go HD in 2016. Asean countries except the Philippines had agreed to switch off analog TV by 2020 and  to adopt DVB-T2 standard thereby creating a big market for digital TV equipment and exchange of information.
Digital TV can be received free to air by an integrated digital TV set or with a digital TV set top box connected to existing TV sets. The Government has announced subsidies for more than 150,000 households to switch to digital by 2020. And sets with a DTV approved label are now available at TV retail outlets.
 MediaCorp engineers have been installing transmitters progresively island wide since 2013 to be completed by 2020 or earlier. You can find out if you area is digital ready by checking this website http://www17.mediacorp.sg/digitaltv/
Digital TV pictures are digitally coded and as such lead to better quality pictures and enhanced related data services. It also enables the telecast and display of high definition pictures and sound. Because the channels are free to air viewers need not subscribe to any cable service.

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