Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Big Guns

Broadcasting in Singapore and the Big Guns

The direction of broadcasting in Singapore is set by a group of important
people and highly qualified people from industry. Most were with the
Government. They were responsible for the health of broadcasting to
inform educate entertain the masses…also for the successes (and failures)
of many projects on Caldecott Hill. Here is a list of the Big Guns and the Hill.

Ministers: S. Rajaratnm, Othman Wok, Jek  Yuen Thong,Ong Teng Cheong,
Yeo Ning Hong, George Yeo, David Lim, Lee Yock Suan, Lee Boon Yang, Yaacob
Ibrahim (present)

Permanent Secretaries: Lee Siow Mong, JohnDuclos, P S Raman,
Hsu Tse Kwang, Cheng Tong Fatt, Goh Kim Leong, Tan Chin Name, Niam Chiang Meng, Chan Yeng Kit, Aubeck Kam

CEO of Authority: Ho Meng Kiat, Goh Liang Kwang, Christopher Chia,
Aubeck Yam, Koh Lin-Net, Gabriel Lim (present)

Chairman of Company: Ong Teng Cheong Choon Kong, Cheong, Wee Kim Wee, Wee Mon Cheng,
Yong Pung How, Cheng Wai Keung, Ho Kwong Pin,  Teo Ming Kin(present)

CEOs of Company:

1960s: John Duclos, PS Raman
1970s: Hsu Tse Kwang, Mrs Wong Lee Siok Tin
1990s: Moses Lee , Lim Hup Seng
2000s: Lee Cheok Yew, Anthong Chia, Sandra Buenoventura, Ernest Wong,
Lucas Chow, Shaun Seow (Present)

Note: CEO was called Director of Broadcasting in the 60s and 70s until the company was
corporatised to SBC in the 80s.
The broadcasting company on the Hill was known by various names viz
Department of Broadcasting, SBC, Singapore International Media and its
components RCS, TVS, STV12,  Media Corp (present)
The Ministry was called Ministry of Culture, Sports and Culture, Information
And the Arts, Information and Communiction and the Arts, Ministry of Information
And Communication
Authority: The Authority was called Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA)
and later Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA)

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