Thursday, November 26, 2015

COT Gathering

Caldecott Hill Old Timers gathered at the cafe poolside of the Singapore Recreation Club on 23 Nov 2015 6.30pm chit chat and warm memories of our time on Caldecott Hill..and to welcome Georgre Favacho and his darling again to Singapore from Perth. The event was organised by Cecilia and Lucy and anchored by George.. We had jolly good time..with George making introduction for the umpteen times on all the old timers namely..
Horace Wee, Ruth Heng, Lee Peng Hock, Michael Loke, Liew Ter Kwang, Philip Tay Joo Thong, Susan, Susan Ng, Ow Kee Hong etc. We were also joined by Narayan as well as Jeffrey Goh. The late Steven Lee s darling Amy also was there and George cracked some jokes about Steven which brought back some old memories. He was my regular lunch kaki with Michael and Lucy.I was very glad to meet up again especially Ow, Michael, Lucy, Joan Chee ,Liew Ter Kwang, Lee Peng Hock etc.
 Karen Chia was there. She has recently left Mediacorp for greener pasture elsewhere. We wish to record our appreciation to her for keeping COT informed of the latest in MediaCorp and keeping the Group well posted about the move to Mediapolis.
For those interested to join us for the next COT gathering please contact Lucy or Cecilia or email to George at or email me at

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