Sunday, February 28, 2016

new logo
old logo 2001 -2015

Mediacorp Singapore broadcaster moves into a new building after 63 years at Caldecott Broadcast Centre. It has unveiled a new logo to replace the longest serving blue one which was used for 15 years. With a multi colour design it reflects a evolving open company in the years ahead. Mediacorp’s CEO Shaun Seow said he hoped the logo’s colours and texture would help to “project Mediacorp’s vibrancy and its multiplicity of talent, media and experiences.”
The new12-storey  building at Mediapolis has facilities  for 3 new studios, 4 entertainment studios and a theatre was officially opened by the Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong.  It will take nine months from Dec 2015 to completely move to the new complex.

At last it is done. We had  been talking about moving since the days of SBC in the 80s. Over the years there were feasibility studies for a number of sites which included Bugis Junction Area, Changi Business Park, Harbout Front and Bukit Batok.  Best wishes to all at the new Mediacorp and congratulations to the hard-working project team for this milestone achievement.

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