Monday, May 7, 2018

Snippets from New Book

Joseph Seah (pic taken April2018)
Mr Joseph Seah former Technical Producer and Controller (Services)working 
on Caldecott Hill Station worked under the Japanese during the war. Here is extract from new book (to be published in 2019) on memories on the hill.
----"Coming back to the Japanese  surrender, transmission had ceased so we were all out of work. On the fifth day of the surrender, myself and a few friends cycled up to Caldecott Hill to find out what was taking place there.  As we walked into the station we saw about 30 Japanese soldiers fully armed, moving around as if waiting for further instructions. We were in two minds about entering the heavily guarded station.,

Fortunately for us, the engineers recognised us and so we stepped in with added confidence. Around 10 o’clock that day, a burly British officer by the name of Major Anderson drove into the station. Apparently, he worked there before the Japanese occupation.  After speaking with the Japanese, the station was handed over to Major Anderson.  Anderson saw us and queried us as to whether we worked there before. We gave a resounding YES. In typical British style, Anderson replied  “Boys,  bring? the whole damn thing on!” After coordinating with Cathay Building and checking all the lines, the signal was sent through to the transmitters.

A voice greeted listeners: “Good afternoon, this is the South East Asia Command Headquarters broadcasting from Singapore.” ---------

Courtesy from the National Archives of Singapore

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