Sunday, April 22, 2018

It happened at Caldecott Hill

Reviving beautiful memories in broadcasting captured in a book– as seen through the eyes of the very people who made broadcasting a large part of their lives
Most workers who have given a large part of their life to their careers would want to take it easy and enjoy their retirement with their families.  While this may be the norm, six enthusiastic colleagues in broadcasting who served for long periods in our national broadcasting station fervently believe that given our vast experience in this industry, we ought to revive those memorable moments into a book.  This book project team is headed by former TV Engineer Philip Tay Joo Thong and he is supported by former Radio DJ and radio presenter, Belinda Sunshine Yeo, musician Horace Wee aka the Guitar Man, Current Affairs producer Joan Chee, Supervisory Cameraman Mun Chor Seng and author and motivational Speaker Raymond Anthony Fernando.  
How lovely it is to have golden memories coming from silver-haired former colleagues who were all fired up to put pen to paper.  The book project team meets once a month to brainstorm for ideas and suggestions. We are all fired up is the so much so that there is are a non-stop whatsapp messages to help in making this book a most entertaining and interesting one to read. It caters to people of all age groups – the youth, the working class and older generation.
Naming of the book is still in progress, but some titles that have been suggested includes Once Upon A Hill, It happened on Caldecott Hill , My Time @CaldecottHill and even Silver on Gold etc. Other suggestions are welcomed. For now the working title is memories@caldecotthill.
In this book, we provide rare insights into the history of our national broadcasting station, how the Japanese war affected the running of the station, a look behind the scenes of radio and television productions, how planning and attention to detail were meticulously observed with nothing left to chance when political programmes were aired  up to how broadcasting has become part and parcel of our lives and how it has evolved over the years. Whether in production, ‘live’ broadcast, image building or news presentations, quick thinking on your feet has to be a must. We revel candidly how this has been achieved.
In this book, we also provide different perspectives from committed and dedicated staff from all divisions and departments who often regarded radio and TV as their ‘second home.’ All in there are 38 chapters to this exciting book!
Extensive research and hard work had to be put into the making of this publication.  But it was worth it because everyone, including the authors and the contributors feel that when we have valuable experiences, it ought to be shared.
Our shared memories penned are not just educational and historical, but nostalgic to the true sense of the word. We ‘pepper’ it with light-hearted moments. And some stories never been told.
We hope that when the book is out, you will seize the opportunity to grab a copy or two and enjoy reading it – as much as we have enjoyed writing it.
by Raymond Anthony Fernando

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