Thursday, April 12, 2018

COTS visit 1 Star Avenue

About forty caldecott hill old timers(COTS), including me,  visited MediaCorp's new campus at 1 Star Avenue on 29 Jan 2018. Led by George Favacho who flew in from Perth specially for the visit, we were hosted by Tham Loke Kheng new CEO of MediaCorp. We were happy to meet one another once  again and chit -chat chit- chat during breakfast before going for a tour of the 9th floor where Management offices were and the studio facilities including 93.8 conty studio.
Who were there ? A long list of who's who on Caldecott Hill -too long to lit here -including
Lucy Leong,Liew Ter Kwang, Belinda Yeo, Mary Koh, Chan Heng Wing, Aileen Yip, Francis Chowdurie, Mun Chor Seng, Amy Chua, Ang Hock Cheng, Tony Seet, Ho Pan Chun, Leong Ngai Weng , Philip Tay etc (See photo)
from left:kstay,philip tay, Tham Loke Kheng,Susan Ng,Aileen Yip

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