Friday, April 13, 2018

COTS Get-TOGETHER at Growler's Beer and Bistro

More than 50 Caldecott Hill Old Timers gathered at Kok Ying Poh's cafe the Growlers Beer and Bistro  (Tai Thong Crescent)on 24 Jan 2018. We all had a great reunion of colleagues from the Hill. Present was our great leader George Favacho who specially flown in from Perth for the occasion. Good food, good company.
Mary Koh said The warmth,lively animated chatter and renewal of friendships tha had stood the years made it an unforgettable occasion. Can't wait for the next one.!
Menu: Mixed Salad, Spring Roll/Samosa,Smoke Duck Spaghetti, Fried noodles, Roast Chicken with red wine,Beer battered dory fish,Roasted pork belly,ASweet Potato,Fresh fruits and agar agar,coffee and tea.
Best dish for the night: Roasted Pork Belly!

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