Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Shall we write a book?


Some Caldecott Hill Old Timers (COTS) have decided to write a book. The plan is to write book of about 38 chapters 150,000 words. The book is intended to share memories of ex-staff who worked at Caldecott Hill broadcasting station from the  30s to the present.Events that happened and stories never been told will appear in this book - working title Memories@Caldecotthill. So far about 30 COTS have committed to contribute manuscripts to this book. The book is scheduled to be launched end 2019.
Ex-staff who are happy to share memories of their years of working life up on the hill and wish to write please email me at tay.philip@gmail.com.
The team working on this book project comprises:
Philip Tay
Belinda Yeo
Horace Wee
Joan Chee
Mun Chor Seng
Raymond Fernando

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