Monday, July 21, 2008

15 February 1963

Source: MITA-Courtesy of National Archives

15 February 1963

This was the day TV arrived in Singapore. After much debate as early as 1956 the Legislative Assembly decided to introduce TV in Singapore starting with one channel one and half hours of programmes a day. Big gathering of 500 VIPs and thousands watched the the first black and white TV telecast at the inauguration event held at Victoria Memorial Hall.. TV sets were placed strategically along Prince Elizabeth Walk and 52 community centres for Singaporeans to have first glimpse of television.
“If used intelligently and responsibly television can, far more effectively than any other form of communications , broaden the intellectual horizons of the ordinary man” –said the Minister of Culture S Rajaratnam in his message on television.

source of info: On Television in Singapore publication by SBC

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