Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbye RSI...Goodbye Kranji

A historical day for broadcasting in Singapore.. 1 Aug 2008

A moment ago RSI closed down….also the transmitting station at Kranji….after more than 40 years of keeping our neighbours informed of developments in Singapore. A big party was held at the Kranji Transmitting Station ..…with the big guns witnessing the service switch-off and paying tribute to all staff there who had contributed with loyalty and dedication.. Thankfully all staff will be redeployed.. gainfully. Here is some background information. Radio Singapore International (RSI) is a radio service that broadcasts to the South East Asian Region namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and countries within a span of 1600 km from Singapore. The service which was launched in 1994 is in English, Malay, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia about 11 hours daily. It is transmitted on different frequencies using powerful shortwave transmitters situated at Kranji . Before 1994 shortwave services broadcasting the local radio channels were transmitted from Jurong. Because of housing and MRT development the station was rebuilt to the present site at Kranji. RSI helps to foster a sense of common purpose amoung our neighbouing coutnries through programmes which emphasise good neighbourliness and promote mutual understanding in the social, economic and cultural fields.Loyal listeners from all over expressed surprise at the switch-off and wish all the staff best wishes in their next career. Besides staff at Caldecott Hill and government officials, retired staff who had spent their lifetime in shortwave services turned up at the big party to wish them well. One such person is 78-year old Mr Ujagar Singh. He was the man responsible to get the funds for building Kranji station and project engineer at that time. Still in the pink of health ( he drinks pure cow’s milk daily since he was born) he encouraged the Kranji and RSI staff to look forward to their new career….
And according to the big boss of MediaCorp…… with new information technologies and change in media consumption habits of people…such event is to be expected. It is not an occasion for sadness but for all to celebrate many years of providing shortwave services out of Singapore and making a chapter in Singapore history …Congratulations one an all for writing this chapter that cannot be erased!!
Goodbye RSI and Kranji… Goodbye
(Shortwave started in 1936..please email me if you have fond memories

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