Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big dishes on top of Caldecott Hill..

When travelling along Thomson or Lornie road you can spot two 13-m dishes on top of Caldecott Hill...

..the big dishes are the antenna for receiving TV programmes from international satellites .
We got our own Earth Satellite Station (Receive Only) in Sep 1988.. installed on time to receive the Seoul Olympic Games. This facility made possible more hours of the Games for viewers. Henceforth more live coverage of sports and other international events were telecast. Previously such sport events were received through the Telecoms satellite station at Sentosa. With the first live satellite signals from Sentosa in July 1974 Singaporeans watched Holland beat Germany in the World Cup.
June 1990.. a second dish enhanced SBC’s ability to deliver the latest from around the world. Viewers witnessed the real-life drama unfolding in the Gulf region. Having the first dish facing the Pacific Ocean satellite and the second the Indian Ocean satellite SBC.s News Division could source daily feeds from a cross-section of the world’s top news agencies including CNN, Eurovision, Asian Vision, the French News and Trans World News. Also viewers could watch entertainment programmes such as the Academy Awards, Miss Universe etc …made possible by the big dishes on Caldecott Hill...

Info from John Tan

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