Friday, July 11, 2008

The most beautiful National Day Parade then...

Picture source: Mita-courtesy of National Archives

It was on 9 August 1986. The first National Day Parade with the a night segment. There were challenges and risk taking..cause it was the first time that SBC engineers wanted a electricity supply of two million watts (2MVA) for an outdoor show. They thought we were crazy. The big guns met and finally approved the go- ahead to build the power supply infrastructure. After months of preparation and a lot of hard work by all the Parade was shown with all its splendor and entertainment ..Hollywood style to the people of Singapore. It was the most beautiful show that I had ever seen. The show became a benchmark..for the next 21 years ( and the 2008 NDP as well) the second half of the event was produced and telecast at night..
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