Friday, July 18, 2008

Four stamps tell the story....

1963 -1988

The story of SBC 25 years of television from 1963 to 1988 was told in four special commemorative stamps. Issued on 4th April by Telecoms stamps highlighted the innovations and developments over the period.
10 cents – depicts a colour OB Van which made possible coverage of the General Elections and for mega outdoor events like the National Parade at the national stadium and the Padang
35 cents – depicts the new charged-coupled devices colour cameras and related studio equipment acquired to meet the rising needs of local TV productions in the four language streams
75 cents - depicts the high transmission tower that brought daily TV programmes to the homes . More than a million viewers watched events such as the NDP on their TV sets with signals from this tower
$1 - depicts satellite dish for the reception of international programmes which gave variety and richness to TV programming for Singaporeans over the years.
Ed Soriano and R Magindren from Graphics Unit designed the stamps using the lastest computer then ,the SuperNova which heralded the age of computer graphics for TV….

Except for the 10c stamp which is featured elsewhere on this page the rest of the stamps were not available for posting at this time. Only design pictures of the rest are shown.

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