Monday, July 14, 2008

Search for Stars -1988

Before 1980 there had been attempts to start production of local Chinese dramas without much success. Came 1 Feb 1980…RTS became SBC a statutory board with greater autonomy and flexibility..this heralded in what I called the turbulent years of 1980s ...the roll over from a government department released great pent-up energies, created a lot of excitement, trials and tribulations and least of all in the build- up of the Chinese Drama Department…Many were not optimistic of success especially with the thinking that Singapore was small place and had no talent.. until a bright scholar came with the idea of a programme called Star Search. SBC’s Star Search happened in 1988 in front of a packed audience at World Trade Centre..Guest-of-Honour was Mr Goh Chok Tong DPM then. This event became a benchmark to flush out talent and was held continually ever since.
Star Search 88 found Zoe Tay (the winner) Aileen Tan and Chen Han Wei….they remain loyal and dedicated to the company till this day…..

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