Saturday, July 5, 2008

Moving Out of Caldecott Hill

Deision is made ...the time has come ..

MediaCorp will move to a new premise in 2011. A modern complex will be built at Bukit Batok to house all TV, radio and print operations and related support services . Caldecott Hill has been a home to MediaCorp since 1935 when the first radio station began operations. While many staff hold fond memories about the place, the move to Bukit Batok is seen as essential to keep pace with the new businesses and development of media technology. The new complex estimated to cost $300m will integrate all the other businesses such as TV12 which is along Prince Edward Road, MediaCorp's magazine publishing in Ang Mo Kio and the TODAY office at Raffles Place………..exciting times for those involve in moving the house..share with us your memories before you leave... email:


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